Conditions of Sale

Your terms and conditions of use
The general conditions of sale listed here are aimed at regulating the relationship between Italian Trends
Agency and its Customers with regard to distance purchases of Products made by buying on-line via the
For anything that is not expressly provided for in these general conditions of sale, one should expressly refer to
the provisions in Italian Legislative Decree (D. Lgs.) No. 185 dated 22 May 1999, and to the regulations in the
Italian Civil Code (Codice Civile).


Together with the other terms as defined in these general conditions of sale, the following words with
capital letters have the meaning as specified below:

●Italian Trends Agency: indicates Italian Trends Agency as represented by its pro tempore legal
representative Mr Daniele Querci with registered office in Prato via Rimini n 7 P. Iva 01745640977 e C. F

●Customer: indicates any individual person who is acting for personal reasons, which are
unconnected with any professional activity or business, and enters into sales contracts with
Italian Trends Agency.

●Website: indicates the internet website owned by Italian Trends Agency

●Parties: indicates Italian Trends Agency and the customer.

●Products: indicates the goods sold by Italian Trends Agency and purchased by Customers, as
specifically identified in the order confirmation and whose characteristics are described in the
Website catalogue.

●Contract: this indicates the agreement entered into by Italian Trends Agency and the Customer
(as regulated by these general conditions of sale) following the acceptance by Italian Trends
Agency of the Order Confirmation. On the grounds of this acceptance, the latter is bound to
deliver the products to the Customer in accordance with the procedures and terms specified

●Order Confirmation: indicates the acceptance, sent via internet by the Customer, of the price(s)
of the Product(s), of any transport costs, the characteristics of the product and all the
provisions in these conditions of sale.


1.Italian Trends Agency operates its e-commerce business, exclusively with consumers to whom the
products on sale via its Website are aimed. Consumer means any individual person who, with
regard to Contracts, is acting for personal reasons, which are unconnected with any professional
activity or business run by him/her.

2.Italian Trends Agency therefore invites persons that do not come within the afore-said category of
“Consumers”, as referred to in point 2.1., to refrain from sending purchase orders for goods sold
by Italian Trends Agency on the Website.

3.On the grounds of its sales policy, Italian Trends Agency reserves the right not to accept orders
coming from persons who do not comply with this policy and/or coming from persons other than

3.Scope of the Contract and its Conclusion

1.The contract is concluded when Italian Trends Agency receives the Order Confirmation sent via

2.When the contract is concluded, Italian Trends Agency undertakes to supply the customer with the
Products according to the terms and procedures laid down in these General Conditions of Sale,
whereas Italian Trends Agency reserves the right not to follow up orders coming from persons with
insufficient guarantees of solvency.

3.By sending the Order Confirmation, the customer unconditionally subscribes and is bound to comply
with all the provisions contained in these General Conditions of Sale together with Italian Trends

4.As regards the above, the sending of the Order Confirmation presumes the comprehensive
understanding and unconditional acceptance by the Customer of these General Conditions of Sale,
as well as of the additional information found on the page of the Website.

4.Obligations and warranties

1.Italian Trends Agency only sells top quality products on its Website, for which it takes directly care
of the realization and reproduction on limited edition. Italian Trends Agency directly cares of the
authentic certification that guarantees for each work on each t-shirt the direct and real coming
from every single artist. All items are subjected to straight and rigorous quality controls.

2.The Products shown and visible on the Website present the same particular characteristics and
qualities they actually possess. Italian Trends Agency cannot, however, guarantee the exact
correspondence between the images and colours displayed on the Customer’s monitor.

3.Both parties acknowledge that the products shown on the Website may temporarily be unavailable
when the Client accesses the website. In this case, the customer will be promptly notified about the
delivery procedures for the products available at the time and the likely timescales required for the
ordered products to be available again.


1.The displayed prices are inclusive of VAT. If a personal purchase is made from the on-line
catalogue, the prices do not include delivery costs to the purchaser’s address. These will be shown

2.Payment may be made on-line using one of the following authorised credit cards. If payment is
made by credit card, the financial information is sent immediately to the relevant banking institution
without Italian Trends Agency or any third parties having access to it. Such information will not be
used again in any way, except for any refunds if any products are returned.

3.Italian Trends Agency will use the aforesaid information solely for those purposes strictly required
in order to make refunds following the return of any purchased goods.

4.The amounts owing will be debited when the products are dispatched.

6.Delivery of the products

1.The consignment of the goods must in all cases be deemed as effected c/o Italian Trends Agency’s
business premises.

2.For those Products purchased on-line, deliveries are made in Italy or abroad and will be assigned
to leading couriers, and the transport costs will be agreed with the person placing the order.

3.If Products are purchased from the catalogue, the consignment of the goods is deemed as effected
when assigned to the carrier for forwarding; Italian Trends Agency, therefore, is deemed freed
from all risks relating to the goods and Italian Trends Agency cannot be considered as liable once
the goods have left its business premises.

4. If the Customer so requires, the risks may be covered by transport insurance effected at the
Customer’s expense.

7. Right of withdrawal

1.Pursuant to the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree (D. Lgs.) dated 6 September 2005, Italian
Trends Agency, in order to guarantee the full satisfaction of the consumer, acknowledges the right
of the Customer to withdraw from the purchase contract without any penalty and
without specifying the reason, within 14 days from the day the Products are received.
All goods that are personalised or made-to-measure are excluded from the right of

2.The right of withdrawal must be exercised within the aforesaid term by notifying Italian Trends
Agency and/or by emailing to client area on the website.

3.If the Products have already been delivered, the Customer must return them within 14 calendar
days from the date the products were received.

4.In addition to compliance with the terms and procedures indicated in the above points in this
paragraph, the right of withdrawal may be deemed as correctly exercised when performed in
compliance with the following conditions:

●The Products must not have been used.

●The Products must be returned in their original packaging;

●The returned Products must be sent to Italian Trends Agency in a single consignment.
Italian Trends Agency, in fact, reserves the right not to accept products from the same
order which are returned and dispatched at different times.

5.When the right of withdrawal is exercised by the Customer in compliance with the provisions shown
in these General Conditions of Sale, Italian Trends Agency will refund the sums already collected,
less any delivery costs where provided for and incurred within the term, within 30 days at the most
from the date in which the legitimate exercise of the right of withdrawal by the customer has been

6.If the Customer does not exercise the right of withdrawal in accordance with the procedures
stipulated in these General Conditions of Sale, the Customer has no right to be refunded the sums
already paid to Italian Trends Agency; in any case the Customer has the right to ask for the
Products to be returned to him/her at his/her own expense in the state in which they were returned
to Italian Trends Agency.

8. Refund procedures

1.After the products have been returned by the Customer, Italian Trends Agency carries out the
necessary checks to see that the return complies with the conditions in paragraph 8. If the
outcome is positive, Italian Trends Agency informs the Customer that the return has been

2.The original method of payment used by the Customer has no relevance for the refund
procedure which will be activated by Italian Trends Agency within 30 days from the acceptance
of the return.

3.If the consignee of the Products indicated on the Purchase Order is different from the
Customer who made the order, the refund as referred to in this paragraph will in any case be
made to the Customer.

9. Applicable Law

1.The General Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law and in particular by Italian
Legislative Decree (D. Lgs.) No. 206 dated 6 September 2005 regarding distance contracts and
by Italian Legislative Decree (D. Lgs.) No. 70 dated 9 April 2003 regarding certain aspects of

10. Amendments and updates

1.These General Conditions of Sale are subject to amendment and updating on the basis of any
changes to the relevant legislation. Any amendments to these General Conditions of Sale will
come into effect on the date they are published on

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