Arnoldo Mosca Mondadori

Reading Giuliano Grittini’s book “Testimonianze” I was very impressed by a “satiric” drawing, which was sketched by Arnoldo Mosca Mondadori on the poetess’ room’s wall on her birthday, the same on which she also noted down names and telephone numbers.
This famous wall is kept in her house-museum, that the Municipality established in memory of Alda Merini.
Arnoldo was not only available in letting me use his drawing for the t-shirt, but also in working together to choose the aphorism.
The t-shirt “Non sono una donna addomesticabile” is the first one to be created from this cooperation for the project “Memorie di Alda Merini” to which “Se Dio mi assolve lo fa sempre per insufficienza di prove” followed.
I appreciated and shared Arnoldo’s approach to the project, in the “Alda Merini’s way” and who knew her knows what this means: “spontaneous generosity”.

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